Premium Granite is a luxurious and durable option for countertop upgrades

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Stunning Granite Upgrades for your Kitchen and Bath
Premium GraniteGranite is considered a premium material when it comes to conducting upgrades in the home. A natural stone, granite offers several benefits that many other materials cannot. Aside from its luxurious appeal, this stone is ideal for renovations in rooms of the home that receive high traffic and are frequently used, as it is highly durable and functional.
What is Granite?
Granite is a type of igneous rock that gives a medium to course grained texture. In the use of home renovations, granite is cut, shaped, smoothed and protected in order to provide a high shine surface that is scratch and heat resistant. These two features make it an ideal choice in kitchen countertop renovations, as an accidental slip of a knife or heat from a pan will not damage the surface.
Granite is noted for its highly aesthetic appeal. Each piece of this natural stone is completely unique and is completed with beautiful swirls, veins, patterns and crystals. While it comes in a wide variety of stunning colours, homeowners love the way that the light from different times in the day will play off of the crystals in a slab of granite.
All home renovations should be looked at as an investment. While countertop upgrades can be completed with synthetic materials, they tend to quickly fall out of style, and can ultimately reduce the value of a home. Property owners find that they need to continuously keep conducting upgrades in order to remain on top of the current trends.
Always Beautiful
One of the specific attractions of renovating with granite is that natural stone designs are never a trend and will not go out of style. Homes that have been renovated with granite or marble decades ago are still retaining their value. Natural stone features in any room of the house gives an attractive resale feature.
There are many different colour options for people to select from when it comes to renovating with granite. Depending on the look and feel that is desired, talking to a granite supplier will help renovators make the best decision.
White granite has remained a desirable colour for years and is becoming increasingly popular in modern décor. Offsetting a white surface with a bright wall paint colour and silver appliances will give off a stylish look. However, the beauty of white shades is that they are extremely versatile. While some may hope to attain a modern appeal, white also goes seamlessly well with traditional paints and oak cabinets. This style gives a fresh, bright atmosphere.
Green granite is an excellent choice for those who are looking to create a statement in either the bathroom or the kitchen. It pops out and looks lovely against white or hardwood flooring. There is a range of shades and darker varieties are a great selection for the bathroom. Blue granite is also becoming a hot colour amongst interior designers as it can be easily integrated into different décor themes in any room of the house.
The benefits of premium granite upgrades are endless. Enhance your property with beautiful, colourful and classic features.